The Rangers

East Hants Sportsplex Facilites Rules for Spectators



  • All Spectators over the age of 12 must show proof of Full Vaccination along with a Valid Photo ID at the door to gain access to the facility 
  • Masks are always required while inside the facility when not participating in an activity.
  • Only players and coaches are allowed in dressing rooms or corridors.
  • Teams will be allowed to access their dressing rooms  1 hr 30 mins before game time
  • Warm up is to be completed outside of the facility or in the team dressing room
  • The dome may not be available for teams to use for warmup, unless it is a scheduled booking
  • Players are required to be undressed and out of the dressing room 15 minutes after the game has been completed. Failure to follow this timeline could result in later access to dressing rooms in the future.
  • Spectators are permitted to enter building 20 mins prior to gametime