Dartmouth Whalers

2023/24 Dartmouth Whalers U15 Major Tryouts


Dartmouth Whalers U15 Major Tryouts

***If you are one of the protected 22 players from protected or were told to register by Dartmouth Whalers U15 Major please register, If you are interested in trying our and have a release form from you home association please email me the team your player played for, their birth year and position they play before registering. We are limited to the amount of players we can have to tryouts***

Below are the times and dates and cost for our tryouts:

EarlyBird Tournament :


Sept 30th - Rangers vs Dartmouth 12:00-1:30pm & Dartmouth vs Truro 5:00-6:30pm

Oct 1st - Bombers vs Dartmouth 10:30-12:00pm & Bandits vs Dartmouth 5:00-6:30pm

$100 for Phase 3

Register Here