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Congratulations selected 13+1 players

Congratulations to all of the players who have been selected thus far for the 13 + 1. These players have all secured a spot on their teams rosters.

All remaining players have a week left to secure their spot or should you wish, you can request to be signed or released by the current team that you are trying out for no later than 6 pm Wednesday evening. If you make this request, please understand that the team can release you at which time your child will have to try out for a different team or they may sign them. A player can only try out for one team at a time.

If a request is made, the team has 24 hours to respond. All rosters are locked on Thursday and there are NO player movements during our early bird tournament this weekend.


Best of luck to all during the remainder of tryouts.




Todd Watson

Sep 7, 2021