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Fall Tryout Dates

While things are changing on a daily basis and seem to be going in the direction we want, we can unfortunately only work with the information that we have and the guidelines that are given to us by the Nova Scotia Health Authority and Hockey Nova Scotia.


In an attempt to keep everyone as informed as possible, we are posting this information and we will make changes as the restrictions are lifted.


For now, our league tryout process will be conducted as outlined below.


Checking camps, W/O August 9th

Tryouts open August 16th

August 23rd, down to 30 players

August 30th, down to 25 players

September 6th, 13 plus 1, signed and confirmed to team. Down to 22

Early Bird tournament, September 11th and 12th

September 13th, final submissions. Teams have 48 hours to add but no deletions.

All rosters locked September 16th at 8am.

League play starts September 18th


Please note that releases will only be made on the dates mentioned above, August 23rd and 30th, September 6th and 13th.


Fall Tryout schedule

Jul 8, 2021