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Halifax Wolverines U15 Major Announce Selection Camp Date

Registration is now open for the Halifax Wolverines U15 Major 2022/2023 Selection Camp. Our camp will commence August 22 and we have open spots at all positions.

To be able to participate in the Halifax Wolverines U15 Major Tryout Camp in August you must currently be on the Halifax Wolverines U15 Major protected list or be officially released from another team in the U15 Major Hockey League.

As per league guidlines, a player can only tryout for one team at a time.

Please contact Steve Bent for registration information at steve.bent@ns.sympatico.ca



Jul 4, 2022

Envirobate Inc. Sponsorship Announcement

The Halifax Wolverines U15 Hockey Club is excited to have Envirobate Inc. join us as a corporate sponsor this year. We are extremely excited to have a well run, professional, local company on board to provide sponsorship to our team. Thank you Robert MacDonald and Karl Lang and all the fantastic folks at Envirobate Inc.

EnviroBate Inc. is a full service environmental remediation and demolition contractor, specializing in hazardous materials remediation.

Envirobate Inc. was stablished in 2005 and the management team of EnviroBate Inc. has over 50 years of combined service in the environmental clean-up and demolition business, focusing heavily on the removal of: asbestos, lead dust, lead paint, heavy metal dust, infectious control, mould & fungus (microbial Decontamination).

EnviroBate Inc. also has a Selective & Full-scale Demolition Division, offering customers, a more well-rounded and full-service business, which compliments thier Hazardous Remediation Business Division, which in-turn reduces the costs and minimizes problems for clients.

You can visit Envirobate Inc. online at www.envirobate.ca

If you or your business would like to become a sponsor of the Halifax Wolverines U15 Hockey Club please contact Steve Bent at steve.bent@ns.sympatico.ca

Nov 2, 2020

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